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Envision Evangelene MORTIFICATION CD cover painted on 22"x22" crescent
PrimitiveRythemMachine original painting for MORTIFICATION CD cover 22x28 *
Experiments in Sound original painting STEP COUSIN CD cover 13x13
Sanctuary in Misery original painting for BEYOND FATAL CD cover 15x15
Relentless original painting MORTIFICATION cd cover 20x20
Time to Die original painting METANOIA CD cover 22x28
Tears of a Leper original painting LAMENT CD cover 22x28
Live Not Dead original painting MORTIFICATION CD cover 22x28 MORTIFICATION*
"Within These Walls" LORDCHAIN CD cover 22x28
"Triumph of Mercy" MORTIFICATION CD cover 22x28
Brain Cleaner
Original CD Cover 40x40
Time to Die METANOIA CD cover (band logo and album title added)
Album: Other Band-related art
Guitars, Drums, Backdrops, T Shirts
"Innocence Before Oblivion"
CD Cover 14x14
"Raise the Dead" compilation CD cover
Cassette cover for REDNECK HICKS 8"x10"

 Gallery: Portfolio